CTM specializes in restorative massage therapy.  We use advanced techniques to reduce pain and restore physical function.


Pain-free living with optimal range of motion and reduced stress is a common goal.  Injuries happen to all of us.  Chronic pain can develop from your day to day routine due to many reasons such as poor posture, old unattended-to injuries, poor training/exercise, overuse, etc.  Arthritis and other inflammatory ailments inhibit us from completing desired activities to the best of our abilities.  Restorative massage therapy can help.  We use techniques such as myofascial release, trigger point therapy, passive/active release, and neuromuscular release to relieve tension in the muscle and connective tissue and re-educate the neuromuscular functionality.  Specific massage therapy techniques reduce swelling and increase mobility.  Pre-surgery, post-surgery, and acute injury cases can benefit from massage therapy with decreased pain and a shorter recovery time.


Our goal is to provide you with professional care to restore your flexibility and mobility in a comfortable and relaxing setting. 




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